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Ever thought about your personal safety?


Screen_Shot_2016-05-06_at_18.50.48.pngEver thought about your personal Safety? Well in term 3&4 groups in year 10, 11 and Sixth Form have been doing exactly that.

We are a Health and Wellbeing Youth Sports Trust School, wellbeing is high on our agenda to make students feel safe. These workshops have been aimed at KS4 and KS5 as these students will be starting to move away from the safe environment of Devizes School as they venture into apprenticeships, college and University.

Being out later in the evening and with their peers can also be a daunting and new experience, understanding common myths and the realities of local crime can help to them safe.

Personal safety instructor Nick Lowe has visited the school to deliver these sessions. Nick starts off by welcoming the students and very quickly puts them at ease, through facts and stories; he takes the students through a tour of how challenging the outside world can be, what to look out for and what to avoid.

Did you know that walking on your own makes you a target?

Talking on the phone while walking down the street doesn't actually make you safe? It actually makes you a target - as someone else may try to take the phone.

Through these activities, Nick practically demonstrated how they should protect themselves physically from unwanted contact from another person and what to do in a number of different situations. All the students enjoyed practicing these techniques in the Gym. No one came to any harm in these situations!

"As a friend put it 'something straight out of a video game'...the information about how to be aware are what to be prepared for was very useful." Quote from sixformer

Some insightful comments were made by the groups and they all seemed to thrive in the working environment created.

Picture above shows Sixth form taking part in the session.

Mrs N Strickland

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