Fight Like a Girl

About Fight Like a Girl

Working in pairs on soft mats and wearing a tracksuit or something similar, women will learn valuable strategies to overcome some of the common ‘personal’ assault scenarios and how to skilfully use their posture, gesture and the art of deception to handle harassment and muggings, without the need to do years of training. Just a single 90 minute workshop held locally!! ‘Fight Like A Girl’ was created for the 21st century life style, encapsulating all the important aspects of awareness and an easy to learn, simple, memorable and physical system, providing women of all ages and backgrounds with ‘skills for life.’ This carefully balanced presentation includes a holistic overview about common assault designed to improve women’s self esteem.Fight like a girl, is a valuable learning experience that identifies how easy it is to become a victim and how easy it is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Using physical effort to overcome a male predator may one day be the only option left. Fight like a girl will teach you strategies, allowing you  to defend with intelligence, and to use your strongest weapons against his weakest and vulnerable targets.


  • 20% of women across the globe will be sexually assaulted at least once in their lifetime
  • You will know the person sexually assaulting you 90% of the time
  • You are likely to be sexually assaulted in your home or home of a friend, relative or neighbour 58% of the time
  • 57% of sexual assaults happen on the first date

How to Get Involved

If you want to come along to a class where you can work in a safe and secure environment with other women and learn to protect your well being, then simply drop us a line on the CONTACT US page. There are many options for classes; we have some set classes that you can come along to, or if you would prefer to participate with some of your friends or colleagues and there are 15 of you, then we are happy to run a private workshop, near you and for you.


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